Sopressa Vicentina del Pasubio (DOP)

Valle del Pasubio, Vicenza, Veneto

Sopressa Vicentina del Pasubio (DOP)

The Sopressa Vicentina is an aged salami, cylindrical in shape and prepared with raw, quality pork meat. It may or may not include garlic in its ingredients and comes in medium and large sizes.

The outer layer of the salami has a light patina and is formed naturally as the salami is aged. Its flesh is compact, yet tender.

When it is ready, the soppressa is hung in the cellar to season and is left there for almost a year. The cellar must be fresh and dry to avoid the formation of green mould, which destroys the ageing process. After a correct ripening period, the sopressa should be covered by a light layer of white mould.This sausage is considered the protagonist of all cold meat antipasti, but it can also be cut into thick slices, and served together with polenta crostini, a type of local, grilled corn meal cake, as a main dish.

When sliced, its color is slightly opaque and it has a medium-large grain in which the meaty and fatty parts are not easily distinguished. It has a spicy scent and, in some cases, a fragrance of herbs. It has a delicate, slightly sweet taste with hints of pepper or garlic.

The Sopressa Vicentina is firmly anchored to the culinary traditions of the province of Vicenza, in Veneto, and is used in many of this region’s traditional recipes.

Since the 1950s, several annual farmers’ fairs have been dedicated to the Sopressa Vicentina, the most famous of which is the fair held at Valli del Pasubio in the second week of August.

The Sopressa Vicentina is still produced in the small slaughterhouses dotting the territory of Vicenza, following ancient methods handed down through centuries.

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