Spalla cotta di San Secondo

San Secondo, Emilia, Cremona, Lombardy

Spalla cotta di San Secondo – Photo Comune di Parma

Traditional Salami of the low Parma region has its name of the town, now also produced in the province of Cremona, with the fleshy part of the foreleg of pork (shoulder and coppa), bone, tanned, stuffed into the bladder, aged cooked 2-3 months.

Ovoid in shape, weighs between 4 to 8 kilograms.

Outside color is reddish brown, covered with a bladder tied with rope mesh tight.

Cut the meat appears firm and compact, pink with evidence of anatomical architecture, red muscle mass more or less dark, textures connective and fatty infiltration of white.

Shoulder and cup fever
Crushed garlic
White wine
Pig bladder

Isolation of shoulder
Removal of skin and external fat
Preparation of tanning and wine aromas
Immersion in the tanning
Stop at 2-4 ° C under tanning for 15 days
Clean by removing the excess tanning
Hand salting
Bagging in the bladder
Hand Binding
Spreading of salt and herbs
Stop at 20-22 ° C for 2-3 months with or without smoking
Cooking at 80 ° C in water and wine for an hour for every pound of weight
23/03/2006 – Paolo Boni