Speck dell’Alto Adige (IGP)

Alto Adige – Südtirol

Speck dell’Alto Adige (IGP) – photo winedharma.com

The first historical mention of Speck dell’Alto Adige was in the early 1300s when some of the current production techniques were already in use. The term “speck” became part of popular parlance only in the eighteenth century and replaced the older term “bachen”, relative of bacon. Speck is a pork product made from a boned ham that is moderately salted and seasoned, cold-smoked and then well aged according to local practices and traditions. The exterior of a slab of Speck is brown, while the inside is red with whitish-pink areas. Speck has a strong smoky and zesty scent. During the salting process, the meat is flavoured with black pepper, pimento, garlic and juniper berry which lend it a distinctive and savoury taste. The area of production includes the entire province of Bolzano.

Consorzio Speck dell’Alto Adige

Via Renon, 33/A
39100 Bolzano (BZ)

phone: (+39) 0471/300381
fax: (+39) 0471/302091
email: info@speck.it

web: www.speck.it

Preparation technology
The pig’s leg is rounded at the tip, trimmed and cleaned, then placed in a bath in brine with spices and additives for fifteen days, during which many times is way round. Is then dried, and made to smoke before the season.

a) Raw material: pig thighs.
b) technical support: black pepper, allspice, salt, garlic, juniper berries, sugar.

Fifteen days in brine and two to three weeks exposed to smoke at a temperature of 18-20 degrees.

Aging period.
Four to five months in a cool (15 °) and humid: preferably in the basement.

Production area.
South Tyrol, Vinschgau in particular, between Merano and the Swiss border.

Source in part: Atlas of typical Italian products, Insor, 1989-1995