Puglia (Apulia)

Tarantello – From ristorante Babbo NYC

It is very special because it is a sausage made with the tuna belly.

As the name suggests, should be from Taranto (which is certainly the oldest place of disposal), but is produced throughout the South.

This is a unique and rare sausage mixture which consists of tuna belly, seasoned with ground spices. This product is very old because the first mention of tarantello is the list of dinner given in Rome in 1536 by Cardinal Camp in honor of Charles V.

To cure the tuna, fresh fillets are cured in sea salt and hung in the sun to dry. The constant light winds in the region are key to assuring that the fillets are thoroughly dry. As they are cured in the sun, the loins shrink and darken until they are a reddish brown with a subtle flavor.

To enjoy this ocean delicacy slice it very thinly and drizzle with olive oil. It should have a deep, briney flavor and a firm but tender texture.