Tasto, tast

Piacenza Emilia

Description of product
The raw material is the bacon and stuffed veal which is worked to produce a product that is cooked for consumption.

Territory concerned to the production
Province of Piacenza

How do
Open the brisket of beef or bacon, first crosswise to form a pocket. Prepare the filling by cutting well-washed spinach into strips, combine the bread crumbs, oil, garlic, cheese, salt, pepper and eggs. Mix well until the mixture will be perfectly homogeneous, then fill the pocket, sew carefully, place it in a pot and boil slowly for about 90min. When the button is cooked, drain, let cool and cut into slices

History found
It ‘s a recipe of ancient origin widely territory

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Instructions for use
It ‘a handmade product that is sold ready in delicatessens.