Testa in cassetta

Nuoro, Sardinia

Testa in cassetta

Another characteristic of salami Nuoro is the head in the box, prepared from pig’s head (except the brain), with rind Sardinian sea salt, ground pepper, nutmeg tasty whiskey, lemon rind, grated or shredded.

The pig’s head, after being carefully washed and brushed with hot water, is put into a container. Here, it is left to boil in water for about three hours. After cooking, bone is carefully removing all the inevitable bits of bone present, either as residues or as a result of processing. Removable parts are chopped by hand with a knife and called in a container, which is flavored by adding the ingredients provided in the recipe and mixing them with care, so everything mixes well.

Now comes in the press – a bowl-shaped curved rectangular bottom – that return the rounded shape at the top of his head pressed into boxes. When finished pouring all to the upper limit of the compartment and closed with a lid. Exerting some pressure compresses the whole product and the maximum side engages the cover with the notches. The “box” should be kept under pressure by two springs that continue to press the head contained within (it is important that all the work done with all meat and rind is still hot, otherwise you are unable to “bind” l ‘entire compound). Finally, the head box is placed, still warm, in the refrigerator and it will stay there for 24 to 48 hours, after which it can be consumed without further delay.

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