Ventricina vastese


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Pork salami spiced with chili and wild fennel; aged at least 3 months.

Ventricina is unique and quite identifiable between Abruzzo’s delicatessen and is produced, historically, in the hilly zone near Trigno and Sinello rives, called “Vastese”.

This specialty is made in artisan way still nowadays

Ventricina Poggio Cancelli is produced in an artisanal way in the old family tradition in village of Poggio Cancelli Campotosto with the best pork, natural spices with no added preservatives and chemical additives, as well as other specialties of the house, owe their unmistakable flavor to smoked with oak and beech, the natural aging and the special microclimate of the area. Produced soft, creamy, spreadable, slightly spicy spicy on the finish.

Stuffed into natural casings with 1 or 2 bindings twine.