Colonnade (Massa-Carrara), Tuscany

Vergazzata – Photo & text ARSIA

1. Product Name:

2. Synonyms:
Bacon Paving

3. Description of product:
The vergazzata is a bacon that is seasoned paving in marble basins. Rectangular in shape, rind on the lower surface, texture soft enough. The taste and smell are very intense for the presence of herbs and spices on the surface. Can be produced in two versions: covered with salt and a mixture of spices and herbs;

4. Territory concerned to the production:
Colonnade, province of Massa-Carrara.

5. Production note:

6. Description of processes:
Bacon, trimmed and cleaned of soft parts, is massaged with salt and placed in marble basins rubbed with garlic are alternating layers of meat with natural sea salt and a mixture of spices and herbs. The vergazzata remains in the marble basin, closed with a wooden lid or with a slab of marble, for 10-20 giorni. After this period the product may be sold directly or washed with salt, covered with a mixture of spices and let dry in refrigerator or on the premises of maturing for at least 60 giorni.Si produced from September to June.

7. Materials, equipment and premises used for the production:
s Cutting Equipment
s work shelves of marble or steel
s marble basin (called “locks”)
s premises for processing and maturation
s cell cooling

8. Observations on the traditional, the uniformity of distribution over time and the Persistence of production rules:
The pork belly is treated by the traditional method of dry salting in marble basins. Curing must take place in periods of low humidity or cell frigorifera.Si sliced or eaten as a condiment.

9. Production:
The vergazzata found, in the wake of lard, a significant production growth in recent years. Producers of vergazzata were seven in 2000, set up an association, and have sold almost a ton of product. The sale, which occurs in the area but also in other regions of Italy, is aimed at individuals who purchase the product directly in the company, to restaurants and wholesalers from other geographical areas. The vergazzata is part of the many products offered on the third weekend of August at the Festival of Colonnata fat.