Verzini – Photo E. Maroni – IZSLER

Fresh pure pork sausage to be eaten cooked, usually with cabbage, hence the name, the “cassoela” traditional Lombard dishes.

The Verzino consists of a mixture of fat and lean cuts.

The Verzini are arranged in strings of small: 6-7 cm long, 4-5 cm in diameter, weighing about 50 grams, divided by ligation.

The single cylinder Verzino looks like a light pink.

Cut the dough is soft, medium-grained distinction between the fat component (white) and fat (red).

The product is sold fresh.


Note: the sausages are traditionally cooked with verza cabbage (hence their name) together with other cuts of pork to make the Lombard dish known as ‘cassoeula’.

Lean: shoulder, chopped glass and chopped ham (50%)
The fat: belly (50%)
White wine
Milk powder
Herbs and spices of variable composition from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Potassium nitrate (E 252)
Sodium nitrate (E 251)
Ascorbic acid (E 300)
Natural pork casing: ferry scraped

Husking meat
Trimming beef
Weighing meat flavorings to add to quantify
Preparation of tanning
Grinding the meat and grill with medium-sized belly up to 6 mm
Transfer hand-kneading machine
Manual addition of flavorings previously weighed
Mechanical mixing for 3-5 minutes
Transfer to the bagging machine
Bagging Mechanical
Binding by hand with twine
23/03/2006 – Paolo Boni


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