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I am Italian-born, I lived in the USA during the last 30+ years. I used to be a computer engineer working for a major US corporation in an international marketing position. During these times, I traveled a lot between Florida and Europe; and every time I was going to Europe, I was passing through Milan, my home town, to visit my family, eat some excellent salami, and get some to bring it back with me to the States. Many times it was, unfortunately, confiscated by the agricultural control at the customs checks when re-entering the USA. It was frustrating, but I could not do anything about it.

I created this website Italian-salami.com out of love for my home country, and her beautiful products I couldn’t enjoy.

Now that real Italian salami is finally available in the USA, I want to promote the genuine products made in Italy and inform my fellow American friends about the difference with the would-be Italian-sounding substitutes that, unfortunately, are flooding the market.

Now I write, publish, and sell online Italian tourist guides to Italy, available in print and digital ebook format.

Since the debut of the Internet in 1997, I have also prepared several websites related to Italy:
Italian-visits.com – is a set of 20 sites, one for every Italian region, with info on tourism in Italy.
Cooking-Italian.com – is a website with recipes for authentic Italian cooking.
Italian-salami.com – a comprehensive guide to Italian charcuterie.
Tango-dancers.com – is where I sell books on tango.
Tango-adornos.com – is where I sell fine gold-plated tango jewelry made by Italian artisans in Chieti.

You can reach me at enricomassetti@msn.com.